The Great Olive Oil Fraud

So here you go and buy some “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” thinking you’re doing your body good. You pony up $12 (or more) for a 16 oz green bottle from Italy, Spain, or maybe Greece. Once you get home, you use it on everything–essentially replacing butter and those other “bad” …


Beneath the Banning of the Big Gulp

While everyone else debates the effectiveness vs. the silliness of the ban of sweet drinks > 16oz in New York, I’m thinking about the deeper implications of the government making these kinds of decisions for me to begin with.


A Different View on Cleansing

Being a holistic practitioner, I often get questions from health enthusiasts about cleansing and detoxing: Should I cleanse? Which cleanse should I do? Is this a good cleanse? What do you think? There are other important factors when it comes to detoxification that we must consider.

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